Epigenetics for the ​
​Life and Health ​​Insurance

Impacting Underwriting with Advanced Technology 

The opportunity to increase the precision in mortality prediction using epigenetic technology is NOW. Looking “above the gene” at epigenetic materials to determine what we call “M-factors,” Life Epigenetics finds and analyzes certain biomarkers that impact hazard ratios and premiums. ​

The benefits of this technology are extraordinary. Increased precision in mortality estimates have been shown to have an even larger impact on premiums than knowing someone’s gender or whether someone is a non-smoker – and this factor has never been included in underwriting before.​​​

Additional benefits to conducting epigenetic analysis:

  • ​It is convenient, using saliva or blood samples.
  • Processing time is shorter – ​one week vs. four-six weeks.
  • The costs are significantly lower than current
    ​medical underwriting.

We believe that these benefits will quickly make epigenetic testing an integral part of insurance underwriting.

Grey Annual Life Insurance Premium Savings Graph - Savings on Life Insurance Premiums based on Favorable M-Factor, Non-Smoker & Female Traits by dollars

Costs to conduct M-Panel tests are a fraction of the potential yearly premium savings, and are getting lower all the time.

We are the epigenetic testing company.

Predicting All-Cause Mortality with M-Panel Technology

Chief Science Officer, Dr. Brian Chen, explains what is epigenetics and the science behind “M-Panel.”

In their seminal study of over 13,000 people, Dr. Steve Horvath and Dr. Brian Chen proved that our epigenetic M-Panel technology “predicts all‐cause mortality above and beyond chronological age and traditional risk factors.”²


What is Epigenetics?

This remarkable video, created by the Walter+Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Victoria, Australia, is a great introduction to the science of epigenetics. ​

The video uses animation and highly magnified images to demonstrate the role that epigenetics plays in the creation of the human body. It is a look at this process as you have never seen it before. ​³

Note: The video was created by Walter+Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. Life Epigenetics is not responsible for its content.


Read “The Science Behind Life Epigenetics’ M-Panel Technology” by Dr. Brian Chen