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Please be aware that we run samples and controls in multiples of sixteen. If you would like to run blind duplicates, be sure to include that in the number of samples. You can use the custom function under "Number of Lab Controls" to manually adjust the total number up or down to meet a multiple of sixteen.

Number of Samples:
  Minimum order 96 samples + lab controls
Number of Lab Controls:

Recommended  Custom
We recommended 1 control sample per 47 samples processed.
If you wish to use a custom number of control samples, just specify so to the left.

Total Samples + Lab Controls:
Adjust number of samples and/or controls to a total of
Methylation Unit Price:
Total Methylation Price:

DNA Extraction
Blood and saliva samples must undergo DNA extraction before methylation processing may begin. DNA extraction will include QC analysis. Laboratory controls do not undergo DNA extraction and you will only be charged for the samples you submit.

Yes No

Total DNA Extraction Samples:
Extraction Unit Price:
Total Extraction Price:


Sales Tax (8.025%):


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Microarray Service Pricing

Includes reagent costs, bisulfite conversion, array processing, and complimentary services*.

Minimum Samples Maximum Samples Unit Price
96 768 $280.00
769 1,920 $260.00
1,921 4,608 $240.00
4,609 $220.00

*Complimentary Services: pre-specified by agreement ​