Life Epigenetics’ M-Panel tests improve the precision of underwriting; use a better, simpler process; and enhance customer engagement.​

M-Panel Mortality Test

The longer an insured lives, the lower their life insurance premiums can be. Our M-Panel Mortality Test for life insurance provides dramatically improved hazard ratio estimates for life insurance customers. This offers the opportunity for life insurers to either lower the premiums for attractive customers (increasing competitiveness and growth) or to significantly increase profits.

This test can be conducted from the same blood samples that are already collected to underwrite life insurance or by using mail-in saliva collection kits.

Other Epigenetic Biomarker Tests​

Epigenetic biomarkers can be used for the prediction of many other important underwriting factors. This allows us to provide the life insurance industry with a variety of tests for traditional underwriting factors with unparalleled accuracy.​