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Life Epigenetics is your premier epigenetic testing partner.

Our Testing Services

We are a team of highly experienced professionals committed to developing and commercializing epigenetic signatures for the industries we serve. Learn how we can help bring your company into the future with our premier epigenetic testing services.


Human DNA
Methylation Array

Helping you to achieve your research goals, microarrays are used to detect the expression of thousands of genes at the same time. To perform a microarray methylation analysis, mRNA molecules are typically collected from blood or saliva samples.


Mouse DNA
Methylation Array

Accommodating a wide range of research topics on mammalian epigenetics, the probe selection uses the most updated annotation and informatics, while combining the learnings from published mouse methylome studies and human microarrays.


Open Source

Get results even faster with our open source software packages that are simplifying and automating the labor-intensive preprocessing, quality control, and analyses commonly involved in the examination of complex DNA methylation data.

Benefits of Epigenetic Testing

Epigenetic signatures offer unprecedented insights into health, wellness and aging and offer new sources of data and insights into human longevity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to sequence methylation biomarker data and employ advanced machine learning techniques to discover and validate epigenetic signatures that add value to the vertical markets we serve.